At Luzdemia.co.uk, protecting your privacy and privacy is one of our most important duties. We pay special attention to the privacy of your information. Our users should be sure that their personal information will not be shared by luzdemia.com with any third party without their permission

If you think that our privacy policy does not meet your expectations or we do not comply with it, please contact us. We are always cautious  and careful against credit card fraud and other frauds. All our liabilities are reported to the credit reference office. If you want to track  any payment you have made, please contact us first

The personal data used is limited to "internet browsing data" and is automatically collected by computer systems responsible for the management, operations and internet protocols of the sites. This data includes the computer IP addresses and domain addresses of the users who use the sites and the computer environment. These data are collected without personal names and are only statistical data for the use of the sites, to check their proper functioning, and to increase the quality of service accordingly. The data can also be used to indicate the responsibility of the sites against cyber crimes.

Luzdemia.com collects the information provided by the users of their own will and uses them for the purposes of the sites to fulfill their functions. If the user requests a service, for example, registers for e-newsletters or purchases products from sites, the personal e-mail address provided by the user will be used to send an e-newsletter or reach the user related to his purchase.

The personal data of the user will be kept within the scope of the law in any case for the purpose of receipt and for the time required. The purpose of collecting and processing the personal information of the users corresponds exactly to the usage purpose of the site and the product / service purchase functions. At the same time, personal data can be used to carry out other operations within the limits of these purposes. It can be used specifically and in detail for the following purposes:

*When the user registers with luzdemia.com, their personal data are received by the relevant form (eg personal information, e-mail address, gender), and the requested service is provided to the user, or if specifically requested, an e-newsletter is sent.

*When requesting support for the site or product purchased, data is collected (e.g. phone number) for our Customer Service Department and support team to reach the user.

*When purchasing products from the sites of Luzdemia.com, data is collected in order to sell the products ordered by the user to the user (eg personal information, e-mail address, product delivery address, credit card information, telephone number). However, we do not receive data regarding the payment, and the page providing the data is directly controlled by the contracted banks. Such data are automatically encrypted and then these codes are automatically deleted. This information does not actually enter our systems at all.

*When technical support is requested, data is retrieved to provide information on internet browsing, browsing and downloading tools.

*User's data is taken to create a Wish List, so that the products and services offered by luzdemia.com are personalized for purchases.



Luzdemia.com uses automatic data collection systems such as 'cookies'. A cookie is a small piece of data sent to your internet browser by a web server and stored on your hard drive. Cookies generally remember you, adapt our products and services to your personal tastes, estimate the number of users, monitor sales and visits from our site, process your orders; We use it to keep track of your status in our promotions, contests and sweepstakes and / or to analyze your visit pattern. You can set your browser not to accept cookies or to warn you when they arrive. A cookie is a type of software transmitted to the hard disk of the internet user. Luzdemia.com processes the data collected through cookies collectively and anonymously, in order to optimize its services according to the needs and preferences of both users and sites. Cookies are collected to track users' IP addresses, data traffic, and accordingly, their choices in products and services provided by our sites.